Filo della Vita jewels - Jewels collections Filo della Vita - Rubinia Gioielli

Filo della Vita jewels - Jewels collections Filo della Vita - Rubinia Gioielli

Rubinia was born in Portofino in 1985 from an idea by Ilario Plazzi, a pleasant man with a moustache who stumbled by chance upon the world of jewellery after having had some significant experiences in the cosmetics and clothing sectors.
His creative soul and great sensitivity enables him to imagine and interpret jewellery pieces as fashion accessories, dedicated to women who live and wear their jewellery daily, matching them to the clothes they wear. The encounter with Roberto Ricci took place in 1995, and their complementary nature allowed the world of Rubinia – a world still shared by the two men 20 years later – to become a place of excellence where jewellery pieces are conceived and designed as if they were really tailored clothes, in a constant and passionate search for new and amazing materials and colour combinations.
Every jewellery piece is unique because it is hand-made, and the result of a study on the style, cutting and colour: Roberto has always worked on the uniqueness of the individual, and for years has been reflecting on how to create unique pieces for unique people.
Filodellavita is the perfect synthesis between style and inspiration.
It was born in 2007 by accident. Twisting a metal thread around a finger several times, this tangle of twists, with all its imperfection, turned into something precious and symbolic: a ring that magically manages to convey the past and present of those who wear it, capturing emotions and giving them back again as an unexpected gift.This ring, which represents an ancient Tibetan tradition – a good luck gift for brides-to-be – not only captures its essence and profound value but returns it as a small contemporary work of art, representing the life of each of us, unique and unrepeatable.Among the characteristics that make the ring unique are: the choice of the metal, which goes from 9kt gold to a special silver-alloy, the number of threads that make up the ring and the preciousness of the diamonds inserted into the bands.
The Filodellavita ring represents the lives of every single one of us, and every life is, by definition, as precious as a jewel, because it is different from the next, but all are unique and unrepeatable… Have a good life everyone!

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