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Vhernier - Jewels and Collections Vhernier

Vhernier - Jewels and Collections Vhernier

A free spirit that esteems nature, liberates shapes, plays with colour. In a way that is original and strictly up-to-date, Vhernier interprets jewellery as a discovery, driven by the desire to amaze and entertain.
With its fascinated eye on the world, it transforms the exquisite fragility of calla lily flowers into a succession of ebony cones, gold and diamonds. Skilful hands gather the essence of flora and fauna to transform the commonplace into precious objects, like the caterpillar shape illuminating the imperial jade of a brooch.
In its creations, Vhernier reflects a passion for contemporary art and architecture: gold shapes an embrace, a wave, a pirouette. Often sizes are generous to hide precious details like diamonds and gemstones that become surprises between the links of a bracelet.
Colours are both a challenge and a declaration of a love of nature: sometimes they have the very beautiful hues of jade, coral, lapis lazuli used on their own. At other times, gems like carnelian, chrysoprase and sugilite are skilfully combined with rock crystals and mother-of-pearl to create a play of unique colours: this is how the famous Vhernier transparencies come into being.
Small worlds that always have a new story to tell, every jewel is a unique piece that thrives on the magic of its creator and the day-to-day emotions of the wearer. Like a dream that imparts elegance, lightness and verve to the daily journey of our life.

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