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Caterina B jewels - Jewels collections Caterina B

Caterina B jewels - Jewels collections Caterina B

A history of women's jewellery born in the present times and looking onto the future. The jewels by CaterinaB are designed for a woman who lives by the motto “less is more” and for whom elegance is synonym of style. Jewellery for a freethinking, independent and beautiful, strong and elegant woman, who sets her own fashion.
What do the CaterinaB jewels represent?
CaterinaB is this and much more, it is inspiration and style, a love for essential, clean lines and geometries, to exalt with originality: these jewels are the mirror of this interpretation. For CaterinaB, a jewel is the detail that embellishes everything, without burdening. Jewels are functional and versatile accessories matching every trend and essential items of the season, adding a precious touch to any outfit. martina-bizzotto-gioielli-oro
What does the jewellery for women by CaterinaB tell?
First of all, originality and creativity, the idea of a precious but accessible value: the jewellery for women by CaterinaB are created to go beyond the dictates of fashion, to add lightness and grace to every season, to dress the personality of every woman during the day and on romantic evenings, during her everyday engagements and on those special, memorable moments. The inspiration behind the CaterinaB jewellery is connected to the vision of a collection of discrete and fascinating accessories, to wear every day, suited to add charm to even the most basic look of all times, a pair of jeans and a blouse.
The thrill of the jewels by CaterinaB
Each collection of the jewellery for women by CaterinaB has a sentimental value and expresses an exaltation of femininity that is sometimes funny and sometimes irreverent. The value and meaning of a jewel by CaterinaB is to convey a feeling of self-love into the life of every woman, into her everyday moments.

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